Montag, 15. Juli 2013

Life Drawing (2013)

City Ball

This is a smal iPad App I did in my second year at HSLU as an exercice.

This was my very first sketch of the scene. I wanted a lot of tiny things that cou could click on in the app. So i decided to take a city as location

Then I drew the cityscape properly. This was my layout for the App and I was able to even take the pencil structure right out of this drawing.

Cleaning some props i wanted to animate later.

Then I combined the clean outlines, the rough pencilstructure of the drawing and digital painting to build my location on seperat layers.
 An this was the final look in Photoshop

I did the Same for the Characters. Design and cleanup on paper

Putting it all together and add colors in Photoshop.


For the Riging of the Characters I used AfterEffects with the DUiK plugin, combined with the PuppetTool. this alowed very smooth movements even with cutout animation.

Jackie Chan Figths Cancer From Outer Space

Work between work. :)
Awesome Jeckie Chan has no fear to fight evil cancer form outer space!
Realized in 2013


This is my second year film at HSLU. It tells a swiss legend and is part of the cultural project "Sagenhaft" of the Albert Koechlin Stiftung.
It was very interesting to do a movie all by myself. Below you can follow my workflow through this project.

realized by Benjamin Morard
music by Christoph Pfändler

Die Geister vom Änziloch

Compositing Breakdown

Animation Progress Sc10.1

Animation Progress Sc5.1

Character Design

Environement Design

Prop Design

a part of my storyboard

Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Life Drawing (2012)

Some sketches i did in lifedrawing class. Some are with a life model and some are from this fantastic webside: The pictures are sorted in reverse chronolocial order.

Jetfon (2012)

Jetfon is a internet advertisement i did with Nico Kast. We  build this short film from the beginning to the very end. He did all the artwork and i animated it in After Effects. This was my first experience in motion grafic and i liked it very much. It was a interesting work  and i hope you enjoy. 

Please check out our progress aswell

This smal thumbnails were the first step to find some pictures after writing the text and recording the voice.

To save some time we made our Animatic right out of the thumbnails. This was enough to find out, how our grafics have to move on the screen.

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Fantoche Trailer

This was a student project. Based on three illustrations we had to crate a 15 sec trailer for the animated filmfestival FANTOCHE. This is what came together from our Team. It is digital cutout in Photoshop and animated in After Effects. Everyone animated a fife minute sequence of the trailer. 
Part 1: Benjamin Morard
Part 2: Dominik Birrer
Part 3: Michael Flückiger

Check out our progress aswell. 

Illustraions by olivadoti

Storyboard by Benjamin Morard

Animatic by Benjamin Morard